Essential Yoga expresses the pure essence of Yoga itself.
It is the union of individual consciousness with divine consciousness. It is a personal exploration of Self, that leads us to the One seamless totality that we are.
Essential Yoga is a practice that points us in the direction of self-realization. When we can quiet ourselves through sitting, moving, and breathing, we can simply notice and listen. When we get interested and curious about what is standing in the way of our deeper knowing and bringing awareness and compassion to these places, we can touch our deeper self. From this depth, the information we need rises up in the form of insight, wisdom, clarity, non-conceptuality, and bliss. It is in this way we get to know our True Selves.
Essential Yoga is a holistic practice – one that addresses not only the parts, but also the wholeness of who we are. It is a synthesis of traditional and authentic Yoga practices, Tibetan Buddhist wisdom, Hanna Somatics and a combination of progressive body-mind modalities. It honours the intelligence of the body, the soma, the mind and heart, our whole being!”
Hanna Somatics highlights movement patterns and stress adaptations that we will address in the group and through gentle somatic movements. The practice re-patterns the neural pathways of the brain, identifying and unlocking contraction and pain. I have found great benefit to the addition of these practices into my daily practice!
Elizabeth Claire Burr awakened to the path of Yoga and meditation 30 years ago and has been actively practicing and sharing ever since. She is a senior Vijnana Yoga International teacher, ERYT Hanna Somatic’s educator and the co-founder of rasa – a centre for the healing arts in the Comox Valley.
Sunday, October 22 1:00-4:00pm
$60 + GST